Levy and Garnishment Release

The federal tax lien is a claim against your property, including property that you acquire after the lien is filed. By filing a Notice of Federal Tax Lien in Dothan, the government establishes its interest in your property as a creditor in competition with other creditors in certain situations, such as bankruptcy proceedings or sales of real estate.

A Notice of Levy is another method the IRS may use to collect taxes. Levying means that the IRS can confiscate and sell property to satisfy a tax debt. This property could include your car, boat, or real estate. The IRS may also levy assets such as your wages, bank accounts, Social Security benefits, and retirement income.

Assets, such as, but not limited to, improvements such as buildings on trust land, vehicles, bank accounts, earnings, and fee simple land, owned by individuals, are subject to seizure, Federal Tax Liens, garnishments, and levies.

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